An indigene of Ibadan South West Local Government Area in Oyo State,Oluyedun Zainab Adesewa is a final year student in the Linguistics Department,University of Ilorin. Zainab also happens to be the CEO ZeeMiranda Crafts which is no mean feat.

Zainab talks about how she combines schooling and running her own business in this exclusive interview.

Do enjoy our chat.

Shurlar: How long has ZeeMiranda Crafts been existing?
Zainab: About two years now

Shurlar: What inspired you to start ZeeMiranda Crafts?
Zainab: Beadmaking…..which was a passion from childhood. And the drive/ability to create something that is truly your vision and to use that to improve the quality of life of those around you.

Shurlar: Hmmmmm. Let’s talk about ZeeMiranda Crafts. The name is quite interesting. How did you arrive at that name?
Zainab: Zee from my name Zainab. Miranda from the book Tempest by Williams Shakespeare. Miranda’s name literally means that which must be admired.

Shurlar: Oh,so you read novels??
Zainab: Not too well. I read that when I was in secondary school.

Shurlar:Let’s deviate a little,what are your hobbies? What do you do in your non- work time?
Zainab: My hobbies are dancing and gisting. And if I don’t have the opportunity to do that,then I watch movies.
I spend my non-work time resting or on social media to check if there is any new thing to learn.

Shurlar: Back to ZeeMiranda Crafts,how do you advertise your business??
Zainab: The major way I advertise my business is by uploading them on instagram. I also upload them on Jiji.

Shurlar: So you basically advertise on Jiji and Instagram?
Zainab: Yes ma’am

Shurlar: You are currently schooling and running your own business,which is quite commendable I must say. How have you been able to cope with both without one affecting the other?
Zainab: I basically work when I have lecture free day and on weekends. I also work when I’m back from school.
I have been able to balance both without one affecting the other.

Shurlar: One last question ma’am. If you were asked to give a piece of advice to someone just starting out,what would that be?
Zainab: Inspiration is one thing you can’t control, but then hardwork is what keeps the ship moving. There is no secret to success more than hardwork,prayer and sacrifice and most of all, love and passion for what you are doing.
Always keep your dreams alive.

Its a wrap guys.

Over to you.

What do you think about her craft??

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