In a society like ours, where an unmarried woman despite her accomplishments, -whether she finds the cure to AIDS or Cancer or any other deadly disease is seen as a failure or an unaccomplished woman(for want of a better word), a society where the sum total of a woman’s accomplishments is put to the infamous question: ” But, ARE YOU MARRIED ?”, Isoken comes in handy.

The movie is centered on the character of Isoken(played by Dakore Akande). Isoken, a 34 year old successful but unmarried woman, is constantly reminded by her dramatic typical Nigerian mother (Tina Mba)that despite her degree and her successes, her role is to build a home.

Isoken meets Osasze(Joseph Benjamin) through one of her mother’s matchmaking attempts and in Isoken’s words, Osasze perfectly fits into her checklist. However, in a series of embarrassing events, she meets and develops a sort of fast frienship with Kevin (Marc Rhys) which later leads to love.

Isoken is a movie that most Nigerian singles(male and females alike) can relate to. There are scenes in the movie that reminds you of an aunt or even your mother. It is funny and witty.


What I liked about the movie:

1. The movie is one that we can all relate to. It chronicles the family and societal pressures most Nigerian females go through when they are getting older and still unmarried.

2. I loved the friendship between Agnes(Funke Akindele), Isoken, Kokua(Lydia Forson), Joke(Damilola Adegbite). They bicker, trade insults,comfort one another and all.

3. I could relate to the scene where Isoken was having a phone conversation with her friend about Kevin not knowing that he was right behind her and could hear everything she was saying. That scene was totally hilarious!

4. The dialogue was on point.  The conversations were laced with humour and wit.

5. I loved the fact that the cast of the movie didn’t come to play. They all played their roles to the hilt.  Funke Akindele brought in her Jenniferistic character, Dakore Akande was soo in tune with the Isoken character she played,  Joseph Benjamin didn’t disappoint, Marc Rhys brought so much laughter to the movie with his Oyinbo boy character, Tina Mba was on point.

6. I loved that Isoken and Kevin didn’t get married in the movie. We were all expecting that to happen, right? It gave the movie a touch of unpredictability. I hate it when a movie is so predictable. Like you already know the ending.

7.The Costumes. All of Isoken’s dresses were on point.

8. The music. I love me some good music.


Left to me, I’d give the movie a 4.5/5. It was a funny, feel good kind of movie. And yea, I’d love to see it again this weekend.




Have you seen the movie? What are your thoughts on Isoken the movie? Do share your thoughts with me. Y’all know I love to read from  you.