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I did say in my first blog post that the blog is going to be celebrating and telling the tales of everyday entrepreneurs to inspire hope and transformation. Right?

Well, this week our Go- Getter is Olaopa Olaleke Peter, the CEO of Candis World. Candis World is into graphic designing, organization branding and clothing.

Lets see what he has to say about his hustle. Over to you Olaleke.

I am Olaopa Olaleke Peter, a creative thinker, and a professional graphics designer. I appreciate creativity and as an entrepreneur, I always endeavour to promote creative concepts through my brand; Candis World, a graphics design and branding organization. I am a graduate of computer science from Osun state University, a programne which I completed in the year 2012.

I started Candis World as Hot Ice Inc in July 2011.

Starting Candis World, I was just a graphics designer. I expanded my tentacles in 400level when I started printing shirts for few of my friends. This led to the creation of my clothing line – Candis Wears. As a graphic designer, printing became a neccessity of the job and thats how I started my branding journey. I did not have a lot of time in school, but I made sure I did something when it came to branding.

After my NYSC programme in 2015, I started taking my business to the next level, using the cheapest form of advertisement “social media”. With the rapid growth of social media,  I started designing for clients, especially young entrepreneurs who needed digital advertisement. One would agree that every serious business owner needs digital ads for his/her business in this age. In this age of posts, likes and sharing, one would need more than a regular business developer to build a brand and a graphics designer is important in this sphere.

I am also expanding my clothing line; Candis Wears and I’m sure 2017 is all ready for candis world.


Lets say I’m enjoying my hustle. It certainly isn’t easy, but it sure is worth it.



And thats it guys.

What do you think of Olaleke Olaopa and his hustle? Please share your thoughts with me.


To order for your Tees and Caps, or your graphic designs, you can get in touch with Olaopa Olaleke of Candis World via their official Ig page.


P.S1. Did you notice I deviated from our usual question and answer Interviews to just having him talk about his hustle? What do you think about this pattern? Do you prefer it to the usual?

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