Four couples is an interesting movie that portrays the lives and journey of four different marriages. Their peculiar lifestyles and challenges.

Produced by Seyi Edun, it stars Adeniyi Johnson, Bidemi Kosoko, Saheed Balogun, Temitope Solaja, Bukky Fagbuyi, Seyi Edun herself, amongst others.

On one hand, we have the couple with the neatness freak wife, who in her own words “has zero tolerance for dirt”.

The second couple consists of Alhaji and Alhaja who seem to have a happy marriage. But do they?

The third couple consists of Saheed Balogun and his “social media wife”. Mrs. Breaking news. Every thing that happens in the house goes on social media immediately.

The fourth couple brings in the amebo factor. I mean no compound in contemporary Nigerian setting is complete without an “amebo”. It’s in our constitution. Lol.

What I liked about the movie

1. The actors and actresses brought their A-game.  They were all interesting characters. Every character in the movie made sense, and they lived their roles.

2. I loved the soundtrack of the movie.

3. I loved that the movie flowed. Every scene was in sync with the previous one.

4. The movie had lots of hilarious scenes that stood out in my mind. I particularly loved the scene where a wife went to warn Judith to leave her husband alone and she got beaten by Judith. I mean, her intention was to beat up Judith, but she got beaten instead.

Four couples could pass as a comedy, but it also passed a message. If you haven’t seen it, it might be a good way to unwind and chill this weekend.

I’ll give it a 4/5. It was a decent effort.