Long time no blog post. Malaria and its elder brother Typhiod dealt me a strong blow in the past week, but I’m much better now.

Today, we’ll be chatting with Jacob Beskini, the CEO of Diamond Shots Photography.

Let’s get right to it👇👇👇

Shurlar: Tell us a bit about yourself.

Jacob: I am Jacob Beskeni. I’m a graduate of the University of Jos(Economics). I’m a serving youth corp member in Rivers state. My favourite past times are photography and reading.

Shurlar:How long has Diamond Shots Photography been existing?

Jacob: I bought my first camera in 2013 and I started something small. I called it BlessedHands Photography then. But because of school work and other things, I sort of parked my camera.

In September 2016, I decided to dust my camera and start professional photography. And since then, thats what I’ve been doing.

Shurlar:What ignited the spark in you to start Diamond Shots Photography?

Jacob: My love for memories.

Shurlar:How did you get your first client?

Jacob: Via social media. Instagram.

A lady saw my work, loved it and insisted I shoot her wedding.

Shurlar: Lets talk about the name “Diamond Shots Photography”. Sounds quite interesting. How did you come about it?

Jacob: My love for creating timeless memories. Thought of something that doesn’t depreciate in value no matter what, and I came up with Diamond.

Shurlar: What do you do in your non-work time?

Jacob:I read inspirational and motivational books.

Shurlar:If Jacob Beskini was not into Photography right now, what career path would he have choosen?

Jacob: I would probably be an economist.

Shurlar: Is there anyone you look up to in the same line of business with you?

Jacob: Yeah, Alakija studios



Thats it guys. What do you think of Diamond Shots photography? Please share your thoughts in the comments section.