Ijebu Geh that has never been to the Ojude Oba Festival, ees dah one Ijebu Geh? Lol!

For the people of Ijebu-Ode who are quite known for their love of throwing great parties, the Ojude Oba festival is a day of the year they anticipate greatly as it offers them the opportunity to celebrate their heritage and meet with family and friends again.

According to Legend, the Ojude Oba festival started years ago when muslim converts in Ijebuland went to pay homage to the then Awujale bearing gifts, on the third day of Eid El- Kabir to thank him for giving them the freedom to practice their religion.

Although it started as a muslim festival, it has since evolved over the years into a festival that Ijebu sons and daughters, whether they are muslims or not,both home and abroad, look forward to and celebrate every year on the third day of Eid El- Kabir.

The festival usually starts with a prayer session led by the Chief Imam of Ijebu land.

The Ojude Oba festival is a grand, glamorous and colourful festival celebrated with pomp and pageantry. The various Regberegbe’s (age-grade) as well as other processions, come to the palace of the Awujale to pay homage to the king bearing gifts.

It features horse riding and dance competitions. It is usually hosted by the Awujale, the Ogun State Governor in partnership with various private entities and Ngo’s.

I had the pleasure of attending the festival this past Sunday and O boy! was it an experience!

The town was literally shut down. The roads were totally grid locked, hotels were fully booked, and there was so much to eat and drink. Trust Ijebu’s now. **In Dj Kaywise’s voice**When we party, you know we shutting it down!!! Lol.




7 thoughts on “OJUDE OBA FESTIVAL

  1. Hey,
    Nice post on the Ojude Oba festival. I think you can also add some more details and more pictures. A friend of mine from France described a similar festival in his town in France and this can be a used to rival that. Nigerians know how to party also 🙂
    Keep up the good work

    1. Hi,Victor.

      Thanks for taking the time to read through.

      I did take quite a lot of pictures. Unfortunately, they were all blurry. And yes, the Ojude-Oba festival can rival any festival in any part of the world.

  2. Ijebu geh that has never been to the Ojude-Oba Festival, that wan ees not Authentic Ijebu geh o. Dah wan na “Ijebu this way to”. Lol

    Wasn’t at this year’s edition of the festival, but I can authoritatively state that the festival is usually Ariya unlimited.

  3. I was at this year’s festival with my friends. It was indeed an experience.

    I was impressed by the colorful parades, the displays etc. You have to hand it to the Ijebus. They do know how to party.

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