Hello Beautiful people,

Is it just me, or is there anyone else who isn’t feeling the ‘Chris’ vibes not to talk of ‘tmas’? Christmas used to make me feel giddy and hyper, but this year, I just ain’t feeling it.

Everywhere I turn, I see Christmas lights, decorations, trees, everybody tweeting about Christmas and almost picture I see on Instagram seems to have a Christmas caption. Even my cousins seem to have joined in the gang-up as they keep uploading snap videos of how much sense the village is making this period.

Ees doing me like I shuu travel, but my account balance is giving me the side-eye and telling me “Ykayy, don’t be silly”. If I shuu dare to take a cab to the airport lasan, talkless of buying flight ticket to Lagos, Ma gbo orun ara mi. I will smell my anus in January. So, I’m stuck here in Abuja.

Abuja is notoriously dry during the festive season as almost everyone has travelled or is planning to travel for the holidays. You aren’t travelling? Ouch! Not to worry, I’ve got you covered.

Below are a list of my top 7 places/things to do this holiday season, in no particular order.👇👇👇

7. Millennium Park

Millenium park has to be the largest park in Abuja. It is located in the Maitama district and is a cool place to unwind. It features beautifully structured walkways and playthings for kids.

Millenium park is also quite suitable for picnics with family and friends.

6. Maxtivity Family Entertainment Centre.

Photo Credit📷: Maxtivity.com.ng

Located at Jabi Lake Mall, Maxtivity has something for everyone.

Maxtivity family entertainment centre offers a full bouquet of unique attractions and games for kids, teens and adults such as bumper cars, thrill rides, video games etc. It also offers party rooms, lounge and food.

I’ve only been there twice myself and I didn’t get to see all its attractions, but I recommended it to a friend and he’s given a testimonial of how much fun he and his family had.

5. National Park and Zoo

PhotoCredit📷: Hotels.ng

If you are into animals and that sort of thing, then it is the perfect spot for you. It is also a cute place for a picnic if you are an outdoor person.

Abuja National Children’s park and zoo has modern spacious enclosures for the animals and plenty of playground activities for the kids.

4.The Secret Garden

This garden is the perfect outdoor spot to relax and chill with friends and family. It is located in River Plate Park, off Ahmadu Bello way.

A friend once told me that they make the best Pizza in Abuja, but I didn’t believe him until I tasted it. It really isn’t untrue that they make the best Pizza in Abuja.

It also provides a nice night view with Nigerian live bands and Karaoke nights.

3. The Ivory Place

Located at 42, Birao street, off Adetokunbo Ademola crescent, Wuse 2 Abuja.

The Ivory place is one of Abuja’s most exotic pent house luxury lounge, and bar, and it is hidden enough, just the way Abuja folks like it.

The Ivory Place provides a serene environment, delicious continental dishes, foot-tapping music that makes you feel like you are the star actress or actor in a romantic movie sitcom. ( Don’t mind me, I’m a hopeless romantic at heart, but that is exactly how the Ivory Place makes me feel).

2. BluCabana

Blucabana is a restaurant and cafe that is exquisite. For ambiance, this place can’t be beat. There is an Olympic sized swimming pool, with excellent service and reasonable prices.

The comprehensive and broad selection of the menu makes the BluCabana restaurant a great choice.

It is located in the Mabushi District of Abuja, on the road between Setraco Headquarters and Next supermarket. Away from the usual bustle of Wuse II and Maitama, you get the feeling of being at some sort of exotic resort.

1.The Trukadero Place  

Are you into bowling?

The Trukadero Place offers a thrilling bowling experience for first-timers and regulars alike.

And for those who aren’t into bowling, there are a variety of games and a restaurant.

It really is one of the chic places to be in Abuja.

Photo credit📷📷: Nairaland.

There we go guys. What do you think of my list? Have anywhere else in mind? Do drop your comments, let’s swap notes.


Yours Truly,