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Thank God we don’t look like what we go through. If not, I would be looking like a Camry or Toyota Honda that has just been crushed by a trailer truck. No kidding.

2017 showed me pepper. Ikoko baba isashun. Twas probably my worst year ever.

This year, two Anglician hymns were not far from my mouth.

Jerusalem to Orun,
L’orin mi, ilu mi,
Ile mi bi mba ku
Ekun Ibukun mi

Ibi ayo
Nigbawo ni
Nr’oju re, Olorun mi


A o pade leti odo
Odo didan, odo didan na
Pel’awon mimo leba odo
T’o nsan leba ite ni.

Just to clear your doubts, those are dirge hymnals, usually sung at burials.
Burials? Yes, you read right. Christain Service Of songs for dead people to be precise.

This year, I had the urge of telling God “its time, I’m coming home to be with you, I can’t take this any longer”.

If I was asked to describe this year in one sentence, I’ll tag it the “Fuji Year of Commotion” in remembrance of the Fuji House of Commotion series. Why isn’t it even airing again sef?

I hope you didn’t just ask what is ‘Fuji house of commotion’ o.
If you did, berra start calling me Aunty Blogger o. Aswear, we are not mates. Put some ‘respeeck’ on my name. Lol

‘Fuji house of commotion’ was a comedy series that aired back in the day and it focused on the everyday life of a particular Chief(Chief Fuji athink) and his plenty children. One week, one commotion. That was exactly the turn my life took this year.

This year has been full of all sorts. I have never experienced a year as drama filled and challenging as this. No jokes.

It seemed like for every step forward I took, I was taking five steps backward. Nse ni mo kan po yi bi chair barber. You know how the chair in a barbing saloon usually is? You are on the same spot, but you keep turning and rotating in whichever direction the barber wants, so as to get the perfect cut. Exactly how my life was this year. No moving forward. Stagnant. Just rotating on one spot, while life passes me by.

And just when I felt life had thrown me the worse curveball it has at its disposal, and things couldn’t possibly get more worse than they already were, I lost my only brother(No, scratch that. Only sibling) to the cold arms of death on the 19th of September.

2017 in one word? Ugly.

But …….. it has not been bad news all round.

As bad as I felt my year was, I’m sure so many other people will say theirs is worse. You know what they say, if we were all to throw our problems into a pile and saw other people’s problems, we would all rush to grab ours back from the pile.

In March 2017, Shurlar Unscripted happened to me. This blog became my safe haven, a place where I can scribble my thoughts. And I am truly amazed, at how much I’ve grown, the things I’ve learnt on this blogging journey and the fact that people actually check out the blog. I see the blog stats sometimes and I have to pinch myself to be sure its all real. Because of my activities on this blog, I’ve been recommended to do stuff I probably wouldn’t have been trusted with ordinarily. And that for me, is something of a milestone achievement that should be celebrated.



Memories of 2017 in Pictures

In a nutshell, I grew up in 2017.

I did a lot of learning and unlearning, and for that, I am truly thankful.

• I learnt that some roads lead to nowhere, but nowhere is still a place

• I got to know the importance of avoiding “See Finish”. The law of “see finish” states and I quote, tai a ba se ore, ki a ma fi aye ija sile( when you are friends with someone,always remember that you guys might fight someday).

Sometimes, we unwittingly give people the arm and ammunition they need to hurt us.
So many temporary people walk around with some of our deepest and darkest secrets. I’ve learnt to hoard my truth like Gold. My mantra these days is 👉👉👉Keep some of yourself, to yourself.

• This year, I learnt that you have two choices when you actually fail.

You can choose to rent a fully air-conditioned canopy, stock it with enough Tequila and Nigerian Jollof rice and invite your friends, frenemies and village people to indulge you in a pity-party where you wallow in your misery and complain, day-in-day-out, without doing anything to ease your stress.


You can choose to cry as much as you want when you are down, take a breather, restrategize and keep pushing, till you finally breakthrough. Afterall, ba o ku, ise o tan.

•And most importantly, 2017 taught me that the same mistakes we have made before can disguise itself as a new beginning, so I’ve learnt to let go without looking back.



2018 -New Year, New Me.

I’m not one for all those New year, new me and other lies we tell ourselves and other people all in the name of new year resolutions at the beginning of a new calendar year. Personally, I feel that we ought not to wait for the beginning of another year before we effect the changes we want in our lives.

Right now, I’m just chilled about life. I’m basically taking it one day at a time, reflecting on some decisions I’ve made and I’m starting afresh in some instances. Openly and shamelessly, I’m going after whatever makes me happy in 2018. Life might not be the party I hoped for, but whilst I’m still here, I will dance.

I do hope to finally finish the book. No, not Diaries of Booless Bae. That one is on hold. I’ll probably give you all a sneak peak into it before the week runs out. I think that I should see how the story of the booless bae ends before publishing her story.

I also hope to revamp the blog and be consistent in my creation of content on here. I have a lot of juicy stuff planned for Y’all on here in 2018. Just stick with me. You are in good hands, I promise.

It would also be nice to finally meet Mr. Right in 2018. I am totally looking forward to that.

Asides that, I have only one ambition this year; Tarti billion for the akant o!! Shikena. So help me God.



This rookie blogger appreciates:

Chilet, Omo Yibo. Padi mi. I know we fight and argue a lot (we are actually cat and dog, one minute we are joking and the next minute our voices are raised in argument), but thank you for all that you have done, and all that you are.

You are a rare breed. A combination of beauty and brains, and I can’t wait for the rest of the world to see what you are planning to do with Mj’s Chow Palace. May you find someone to cover you in your moment of nakedness.

Amaechi, Baba Shegs and Ikenna, your presence in my life I have always wondered about. How blessed can one be? You guys are always there to listen to me, you put up with my silly tantrums (I know they are silly), my crazy attitudes and for refusing to let me go even when I pushed y’all away.

And when I came up with the idea of opening this blog? You guys not only listened to me, you’ve cheered me on, every step of the way. Amaechi especially, bestfriend, cheerleader, avenger. For fueling my passion,taking out the time to read my write- ups before I post them,your constructive criticisms, thank you can never be enough.

No worries, you should guys should just hang in there a little while longer. When I land the biggies, I will buy a large bowl of Cold-Stone Ice cream for the three of you to share. I love you guys. May your credit alerts be more than your debit alerts.

I dare not forget to mention Charly Omams, the Managing Director of my friendzone. Bestie of laive. My one and only accountant photographer. Charles provides all the pictures for ‘Random sights’ and some other blogposts at no cost at all(He’s a big boy. I can’t afford to pay him yet). Y’all should check him out on instagram @chuckki_3, for your corporate and not so corporate videos and photo shoots. He’s the best there is.

Don’t worry Charly. When I blow, I will buy you two shots of vodka, for the road.

God bless you boo. I know you are rooting for me, and I’m rooting for you too. 2018 is definitely going to be a good year for us, I can feel it in my bones.

Adefemi Rajman is another person the story of my blogging journey would not be complete without. My very dear friend, supporter and WordPress plug-ins lecturer. He showed(still showing)me the ropes on how to generate traffic and monetize my blog. He kept gingering me to apply for Google adsense and when the approval came, he helped with setting it up.

May Allah raise help for you in quarters where you least expect any help. I’m so sorry I went off on you without any explanations. I just needed to take a break from myself.

I know I owe you and your friend a bottle of wine and some kola. Oshey gan ni.

To everyone I haven’t mentioned yet, (blog readers) I am your biggest fan. I wish I knew your names, to thank you individually. I see your constant show of love, your comments, your likes, the shares both on the blog and other social media channels.

Thanks guys. May the odds be ever in your favour.

To everyone who recommended this rookie blogger and pitched something my way that made my bank account  smile this year, thank you. I owe y’all one. Don’t worry, when I hammer, I will buy you all a bottle of champagne to share.


2017 issa wrap baby!
Hasta la vista!


Yours Truly,

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  1. Hmmmmmm. Some roads lead to nowhere, but nowhere is still a place. Thats deep.

    Happy new year in advance ma’am
    2018 will definitely be a better year for us all.

    1. Shola says:

      Thanks Ugo.

      Happy new year

  2. ‘Thank God we don’t look like what we go through. If not, I would be looking like a Camry or Toyota Honda that has just been crushed by a trailer truck.’

    2017 wasn’t my best year, and it wasn’t my worse year either. It was just thefe actually. Hopefully, 2018 will be better.

    1. Shola says:

      Thanks for reading Helen. 2018 will be a better year for us all

  3. Amaechi says:


    Happy New Year Smallie
    Let’s go conquer 2018.

    1. Shola says:

      Calling me smallie shuu better end in 2017 o. In case you didn’t get the memo, I’m now a big girl. Lol.

      Happy new year Mechex.
      2018 will be a great year for us.

  4. 1 bowl of cold stone ice cream for 3 of us? Pipu’s future husband and father o! Aswear, you don’t have sense.

    Happy new year niccur. 2018 bouta be all kinds of lit.

    1. Shola says:

      Lol. Yeye boi.

      Happy New Year Ik. 2018 is definitely gonna be lit🔥🔥

  5. Baba shegs says:

    Finally, she admits that she’s crazy and throws the silliest tantrums.

    Omo wa no ni e. Ko si ibi ti a fe ti e si. 2018 will definitely be a blast. Happy new year smallie😛😛😛😛

    1. Shola says:

      Gerrrarahia man. So if everybody is calling me smallie, you sef will follow and call me smallie? Maybe you didn’t notice, but we are kinda the same size as you are.

      Happy new year padi mi.
      We are going to have a blast this year

  6. Bimbo says:

    Sorry about the loss of your brother. Greater days ahead. Odun yii a san wa si re. Happy new Year.

    1. Shola says:

      Thanks Bimbo.

      Happy New Year. Odun yii a san wa si ire, ayo, alaafia ati aiku baale oro

  7. Lillian says:

    Tarti billion for the akant o!!

    Happy new year 😍😍😍. May 2018 favour us all.

    1. Shola says:

      Amen o. Happy new year😍😍

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