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Happy New Year Guys!!

Thankful for the gift of life and the grace to see another brand new year.

Who did it?
Oh My God,
Wow!!!!👏👏👏(only Redeemer’s can relate)

Odun a yabo fun gbogbo wa o.
A se yii, se amo dun o.


Every year during the countdown to a New Year, people begin to reel out New Year resolutions for the incoming year. Everywhere you turn, you hear and see(on social media) a list of things that people will do and not do in the new year.

The one I find amusing is the ‘New Year, New Me’ jingle that people chant once the clock strikes midnight on December 31st and we officially cross over into the new year.

New Year, New Me.
New Year, New Me.
New Year, New Me.

Issa lie!

New Year, Same old you.

It is still the same old you that opened a fake social media account just to troll and insult your supposed ‘best friend’ because you hate her guts and you are envious of her little successes.

It is still the same old you that looks down on your friend’s hustle instead of supporting her. You’d prefer to order a cake from ‘Cakes and Creams’ or ‘Googzee’ because of their popularity rather than buy from that your hustling girlfriend whom you know will give you a freshly baked and well decorated cake at a considerably lesser amount.
It is still the same you that recommends another blog for collaboration with a brand, rather than you friend’s blog. But when you want to place a free advert on a blog, or you need someone to write a project for you for free, you remember your friend is a blogger and she’s trying as a writer. I’m sorry to say this, but Thunder Faya you! Nkita ra cha kwa gi anya!

It is still the same old you that patronizes commercial sex workers (in fact you are on a first name basis with all the sex workers in your area. Once they see you, they chant “customer dada ni”), and still come online to bash side-chicks and ronz gehs.

It is still the same old you that speaks in tongues and sings in the choir on Sunday morning, screams ‘Ra baba babah bahbah he’ whilst riding your Sugar Daddy to orgasm in the afternoon and bashes slay queens and Vijaypreneurs in the evening.

Wicked you, jobless you, lazy you, obsessively jealous you, Internet trolling you, greedy hypocritical you.

New Year, New You indeed! Puh leaze!
A ti ri yin! Yinmu sontin!

Yes, it is a new year, but it is still the same old you. You did not suddenly change or automatically drop your bad habits just because it is a new year. That is a conscious effort you have to make.

Let me even burst the bubble of all ye ‘New Year, New Me’ chanters. So I typed ‘New Year New Me’ on my phone, and this is what came up.👇👇👇

“New Year, New Me – Something that hoes says every single new year, only for them to continue being the same bitches they were before.
Hoochie: New Year, New Me.
Me: Bitch, you’re still going to be the same cock-sucking hoe you were, shut the fuck up.

New Year, New Me.
Phrase said by people who don’t realise that change happens when you make or someone else makes it happen, not when time passes.”

Via Urban Dictionary

I think its high time we did away with this idea that the new year makes you a different person, because the truth is, the only thing that changes is the date.

For some of us, all we want to do is put the past year behind us and focus on the new one. But, we all seem to have this notion that entering a new year automatically eliminates all the bad things that happened in the previous year.

Well, it doesn’t.

Yes, we can set new goals and work on becoming a better person. But, let’s be sincere. You do not need to wait for the beginning of another year before you work on becoming better. There is no rule that says you have to wait till January 1st before identifying our flaws and setting new goals. If there is, then I didn’t get the memo. This is something we need to do periodically. Just pause, take a deep breath, reflect on our lives and work on improving it.

You want to quit smoking? Stop it now. You don’t have to wait for a new year to do that.

You want to lose weight and eat healthier? Then by all means do so. Do it now. Stop procastinating.You don’t have to wait till a new year begins before doing that.

You want to make more money? Then double your hustle. Look for multiple streams of income.

If you were working on a project last year, I suggest that continue building on it till you get the desired results.


I totally agree that every new year brings new opportunities and memories, and there is something appealing about a blank new slate to rewrite and edit the chapters of lives, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that we need to change ourselves. It ought not to be a new you, but a better version of yourself.

There’s nothing absolutely wrong absolutely with setting goals for a new year, but you do not become a new person overnight. Your story crosses over into the new year with you.

Just that this time, you ought to be wiser and all about working to bring to life a better version of yourself.

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New Year, Same Me but improved version.

So lets just stop it with this ‘New Year, New Me’ fad and focus on becoming who we aspire to be, without putting a time scale on it, because let’s be realistic, it might take more than a year to become that newly improved version of ourselves.

Cheers to the next 365 days and another chance for us to get it right.

May this year be the plot twist we’ve all been waiting for.

Photo Credit📷: Pininterest.


Short Glossary.

Nkita ra cha kwa gi anya -May Dog like your eye.
Customer dada ni: Great client

Vijaypreneurs -Another word for sex workers (coined by me!)
A ti ri yin- We have seen you. 


Yours Truly,

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  1. You know, I almost didn’t read this post. I thought it was one of those typical New Year new me posts.

    1. Shola says:

      Ouch! Thank goodness you did read the post. Thanks for reading.

  2. Cynthia says:

    It is still the same old you that speaks in tongues and sings in the choir on Sunday morning, screams ‘Ra baba babah bahbah he’ whilst riding your Sugar Daddy to orgasm …

    That Rabababaheh part though🤣🤣🤣🤣

    1. Shola says:

      Ha ha ha! Thanks for reading Cynthia

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