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Usually, I don’t do this.
Tatafo on the blog, I mean.

But I did say in my bio, that I would be writing about everything that concerns me, and everything that doesn’t even remotely concern me in the least bit, as long as I think you, my readers would find it interesting. So, I’m serving you some hot spicy tatafo on the blog this evening. A good way to come back from my blogging break with a bang, right? Leggo 👇👇👇

A lady who goes by the name Jane Iyke on Facebook recently called out her husband’s side chick. According to her, her husband who goes by General Ikenna Egbuchere on Facebook hasn’t seen her and their four kids(including a set of triplets) since he returned from ‘the abroad’.

She alleged that instead of coming to Lagos to see his wife and kids, he went straight to Owerri with his side chick.

Hear her👇👇:

You all remember the post I made few days ago that married women should not fight their husband’s side chicks? My people, I want you to pray for Cynthia Chizzy Diochi she’s the one that wants to tear my marriage apart, she’s the reason my husband doesn’t want to pay my triplets sch fees, she is the one that has made my husband to stop loving his kids and wife, people pray with me that God forgives her and my in-laws, cos the hatred is real.

Now, that isn’t what warranted me to post this gist on the blog. It’s quite the norm these days for wives to call out their husband’s mistresses on social media while conveniently forgetting to mention their husband’s name. Afterall, side chicks are responsible for all the wrongs in this world, right?

The crux of this gist to me, is in the screenshots below👇👇👇

Yes, it is what you think it is.

That is what a grown woman allowed herself to be reduced to. Her husband calculates Crayfish, Pepper, diapers, gas, that woman, before sending her money, like one who is sending a domestic maid on an errand.

Reminds me of teenage years when my grandmother used to send me to Bajulaiye market. We would compile a list of all the things we needed to buy, after which she would give me the exact amount. My grandmother o. That is what a grown man reduced his wife and the mother of his kids to.

Jane Iyke and her husband when the going was good
Chizzy the alleged side-chick

No man born of a woman will reduce me to this state.

The issue of women getting a job or having an investment/business that brings in something(no matter how minute) has long been overflogged. Those who will hear, will hear. Those who will not take heed, will not.

But, we will still say it again.

Dear Ladies,

Being a full-time house wife does not stop you from getting a source of income. There are lots of businesses that you can run, right from the comfort of your home.

Forget how the love is tickling the both of you now. Human beings are fickle in nature. Don’t ever put yourself in a situation where you will be solely dependent on a man.

No one is praying that your marriage should break up, but life itself is full of uncertainties. What if the man were to lose his source of income? What would you do in the event of a divorce or God forbid, death?

Lots of women, including Jane are learning the hard way. A man might be willing to remove his eyes to provide you with anything you want when the love is still going strong. What happens when the love turns sour?

There is nothing anyone can say to convince me otherwise. If Jane had a job, or a small business, she would never have allowed herself to be treated in such a manner by her husband. She wouldn’t have been reduced to begging strangers for money to pay her kid’s school fees on social media.

Money is a good defense in almost every situation. In all you are getting as a woman, make sure you are getting money.

But then, what do I even know sef? Am I not just a rookie blogger?


Yours Truly,

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  1. Baba shegs says:

    Ha ha ha!

    I have finally seen it all.

    But wait o, there is something about the story I don’t understand. First, she said he’s not taking care of her and the kids, but tge screenshots even though quite funny, proves otherwise…..

    1. Shola says:

      Hmmm…. thats true though. The screenshots does prove that he atleast sends some money to her for the upkeep of the children.

  2. Amara says:

    What a freaking wawu!

    That woman=1,500

    Christ! Biko, shift let me faint.

    1. Shola says:

      Ha ha ha! Issa real wawu sontin!

  3. Fortune says:

    In all your gettings, make sure you are getting money. Dazzol. Jane’s story ought to be a lesson for every young woman. If she had her own money, she would have called the guys bluff. I really feel sorry for her sha….

    1. Shola says:

      Aswear. I kinda feel sorry for her myself. Being reduced to begging for funds to pay her children’s school fees isn’t a good development at all.

  4. Obinze says:

    Of course, we will keep telling them to find a source of income, but will they hear? Na to dey form baby girl for life dem go dey do up and down instagram.

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