The disappointed bride in the Red dress saga featuring Nigerian Designer, Ritaotobyme, a recent bride known as @rettypety on Instagram and Nigerian Actress, Mercy Aigbe is demanding for compensation from the designer, through a letter written by her lawyers.

According to her lawyers,👇👇👇

“If we do not receive clear and unequivocal indication of your willingness to resolve this matter within seven days of your receipt of this correspondence, we shall without let or hindrance, seek legal redress on behalf of our client, and further draw the attention of the relevant law enforcement agencies, including but not limited to the Nigerian Police, to your ignominious conduct.”

For those who are completely ignorant of this story, this whole red dress saga started after Mecry Aigbe released a photoshoot for her 40th birthday in a stunning red dress.

An Instagram user, @rettypety took to her page to claim the dress, saying it ought to have been her reception dress, but the designer defaulted in delivering it to her after full payment had been made.

 The designer, in a bid to mitigate the damage done to her credibility and reputation took to her instagram page to make an apology of an apology.

My first thought on reading that apology was that someone needs to teach Ritaotobyme a lesson.

In response to Rita’s apology, the bride addressed the points raised by her in a fresh post👇👇

Mercy Aigbe kept mute about the saga for a while, then later took to her instagram page to deny any knowledge that the dress ought to have been a bride’s reception gown.

My thoughts

I am so glad that Rettypety is seeking legal redress and some form of compensation for the damages caused by Ritaotobyme’s greedy and insensitive act. You can’t just betray a customers trust, not provide a wedding dress after full payment has been made, give the same dress to another person and expect that you won’t face the consequences of your actions.

This would be a lesson to other designers and brands who betray their customers trust and treat their clients shabbily.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed on this one. I do hope that Rettypety realizes that this a potential gold mine and doesn’t accept peanuts from Ritaotobyme as compensation. I sincerely hope she takes her to the cleaners.

Yours Truly,




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