Ladies, shoot your shot!🎤🎤🎤
Stop waiting for guys to make the first move!
The bible says that the Kingdom of God suffereth violence, and the violent taketh it by force.
Take your husband!
Shoot your shot!
Amen? 🎤🎤🎤

There’s this heart wrenching video making the rounds on social media of a young lady whose public proposal was rejected by her partner. It was a very heartbreaking video to watch for me and I felt tears well up in my eyes towards the ending part of the video when she burst out crying. I really do not wish such an heartbreaking experience on even my worst enemy.

Be that as it may, I strongly feel like she set herself up for this.

This isn’t an issue of whether a lady ought to be the one to propose in a relationship. Dah wan no concern me. Even ladies sometimes reject guys proposals.

My bone of contention here, is the rejection of the proposal. The truth is, that guy in the video, was caught unawares.

I think it is absolutely wrong to publicly propose to someone who is not looking forward to spending his/her life with you. As far as I am concerned, it is more or less a blackmail tactic. How can you just pop up with an engagement ring and expect the guy to accept?

As for those of you who are saying the guy ought to have accepted the ring on the spot and then reject her in private, O n gba lara gbogbo yin.

Do you guys even know what you ae saying? Why didn’t she ask him privately to ensure they are on the same page before coming out to publicly disgrace her village people? She could have saved herself this public humiliation if she had only asked him in private. Did you notice that the guy was dumbfounded? He probably didn’t know how to react. Was I the only noticed how he was signalling at her to stand up, but she just knelt there?

Baba God sef sabi say any guy who springs up a public proposal on me is setting himself up for an epic fail. Obago one chance! Ask me first. You can surprise me with the ring and all other senrere, but ask me if I want to marry you first.

Public proposals ought to be hinged on two individuals who in private have consented to marriage. It’s supposed to be a formal announcement to the world, not a surprise to your partner.You guys should sort out yourselves in private, before coming to publicly declare your intentions.

Ignore that voice telling you to plan an elaborate public proposal without knowing if you and your partner are on the same page. Ignore it! Aswear, it is your village masquerade chanting your name as he does the ‘Shaku Shaku’ dance. At least, your number 6 ought to tell you to confirm if they want to marry you before you carry yourself to the mall to disgrace your lineage.

Alagidi, I know you wee nor kuku hear. I give it two weeks, max. We will hear of another public proposal rejection.
Atleast, y’all take our minds off this mess Nigeria is currently in.
Do have a pleasant day ahead.


Yours Truly,



  1. You and I are on the same frequency of reasoning. If she had done it privately, the humiliation would have been minimal. Personally, I don’t dig public proposals because I’m a private person and I don’t want to be part of the circus mbok

    1. Same here. I’d actually prefer a private proposal. You can surprise me with ring and other senrere but seek my opinion first…

  2. Wow….very excellent write up.
    “Public proposals ought to be hinged on two individuals who in private have consented to marriage”… This line to me is the ” end of discussion “.My takeaway….Excellent piece!!!

  3. I’m looking for the right word to use in describing the lady in the said video. The fact that some people are even saluting her courage is what i won’t understand.

    Did she even stop to think about how how the guy (and his family)would remind her how she was the one who proposed to him at any slightest mistake.

    Aunty just wanted to trend, shikena. No one can convince me otherwise. If the guy had accepted the proposal, the headline would have been “Lady proposes to her man”. It would have been all over the media space. Instead, she got a public humiliation she will never live down because she wanted to trend. What a stupid way to start the year!

    Awon attention seeker

  4. God knows I can’t stand public humiliation like this. The only place I can propose is within the confines of my house or hers

  5. Ees Simi I blame for dis wan o. When she was singing ” I go shoot my shoot o”… nau anty gathered the liver to go and shoot her shot into throwing😜😜😜

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