I was having a discussion with a couple of friends about the next presidential elections in 2019.

Just in case you haven’t heard, INEC has released the timetable for the next general elections. The Presidential and National Assembly elections are expected to hold on February 16, 2019 while the Governorship and State legislators will hold on March 2, 2019.

So, I asked if any of them(the friends I was having the discussion with) had an idea on how I could go about getting a replacement for my lost PVC when one of the guys asked why I was even trying to get another PVC.

I was shocked and amazed that the majority of the guys echoed his thoughts. They believed that getting a PVC was a waste of time, or should only be done for Identification purposes.

They opined that we really don’t have a say in the politics of Nigeria and that Buhari/APC would be re-elected whether or not they actually win the election.

How true is this? Do you echo their thoughts? Do you think our votes will count or not? Do you believe in the electoral process? Let’s get the conversation going in the comment section👇👇👇


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3 thoughts on “NIGERIA DECIDES 2019

  1. I’ve always been a non-voter, because of this notion that our votes don’t count, but the last election has proven that if we don’t vote, we are playing ourselves. By not voting, we leave the decision to agberos, market women and the likes who will only vote based on stomach infrastructure

  2. Well, politics the Nigerian way is very predictable. But the tide is changing. Now we are beginning to have a say. But to express our opinions strongly, we must exercise our franchise by voting against the overwhelming existing statusquo. There’s still hope for some sanity in the end.

  3. To say the truth, I do echo their thoughts that our votes do not really count. Elections are more often than not rigged. However we can’t because of that mindset decide not to vote. If we all decide not to vote, those politrickians will just capitalize on it and gain more power for themselves.
    At the end of the day,by not voting, we are only just setting up ourselves for more bad leaders to come in to power

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