I normally do not like to go the market because, then I will have to talk to people, interact with lots of market women/men, walk from one shop to another looking for a perfect dress that I had seen at the first shop which I entered just as I stepped into the market. I don’t have time for all of that or maybe it is the energy that I do not have. Oh! Now, I know what it is. My leg DOES not want that stress.

However, on the extremely rare occasions that I decide to go to the market, especially the malls, I like to walk it -the length and breadth of it. I want to feed my eyes, see what they have, get some things on impulse and probably pen some down for “next time.” On such occasions though, I buy very little things (only the things that I buy on impulse) because I am busy staring at a particular product that is usually out of my of my budget and appreciating it in all its glory. I had gone window-shopping once for furniture with my girlfriend. We walked the length and breadth of the whole area checking different kinds of furniture -beds, table set, bedside lamp, flower vase, children beds and all of that. Now that I think about it, I remember that the sales person came to meet us once to ask for which of them we were going to purchase and after we gave him the “smile”-that one that says “we are only checking them out o (in other words, we no dey buy anything……..yet)”- he left us be and told us to mind the inscription on all the sets which read, “Do not touch, please.” Point taken, Mr. Man! We hear you loud and clear.

That incident brings to my memory some men in my life who are just lurking around. They want to know you but do not want to be too close. They are caring, trustworthy, easy to talk to, but they want to be “just friends.” They are the ones you have probably been thinking would man up one of these days to ask you out. You probably have had it planned in your head, how you are going to react -act surprised like you weren’t expecting him to ask, stall in response for a few days just to be sure and then when you eventually say yes, you also already play out how you plan on enjoying the moments (I can’t be the only one who thinks this way ……………or am I?).
And why won’t these thoughts come to your head? You both have practically been dating seeing as he is the first person you talk to when you have an exciting news to share and even when it’s the other way, you almost cannot wait to share with him. And the truth is, he always listens. He hardly is ever unavailable to you. So, what else is there to look for in someone else? So, you are already catching feelings and waiting patiently for the day that he would stop stalling and just make it official. I had one just like that. He is a very sweet guy. He is all I have described and more and it was beautiful to be “friends” with him.
Only for him to ask me the dreaded question one day. He said, “we need to talk.” Oh! finally, today is the day. He wants to ask.

I was already flustered throughout the day, praying that it goes perfect just like I had imagined. I finally left the house after trying out four different dresses just because I was looking for the perfect dress for the occasion and just as I adjusted myself to get comfortable beside him for “the talk,” he goes straight for the jugular.

“We are friends, right?”

Wait. What! Where did that come? Is that supposed to be a joke? I don’t understand. What is he trying to say? These are the questions going through my head all at the same time. By now, a raging headache had begun with cold air rushing down my spine from nowhere. But I am a lady, so I had to comport myself, and because he was there seated beside me, I had to give him an answer as he stared inquisitively into my eyes.

“Of course, we are friends, why do you have to ask that, Fola?” I feigned a smile and gulped down my drink. He shouldn’t see through how awkward things have become now. No, he shouldn’t.
“I asked because I was beginning to feel like either of us might be misconstruing the situation of things between us.”

“Well, it’s not me and you haven’t made any proposition to me to make me think otherwise. We are good, Fola. We both know you are too annoying to date me.

And right there just as I struggled to get through the rest of the conversation, I made up my mind to keep the window shoppers at bay. Yeah, they will always be around appreciating me in all my awesomeness, but instead of them getting close enough for me to expect them to “buy” in, I will have to pay less attention to them and focus on actual customers who really appreciate the products and wouldn’t mind spending their last dime just to have her in their home because “Oh, she is beautiful, she is worth every penny, I tell you.”

So should you, before some unserious element will come and “pour sand sand inside your garri,” thereby bae-blocking intending suitors.

Written by: Sisi.
Sisi writes for @www.buzzbiz.life

Photo Credit📷: Buzzbiz.life




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