Am I the only one who is getting pissed with the way this PVC collection issue is being over flogged? Have you noticed how people chant “go get your PVC” at the slightest provocation as if it the solution to all problems?

Imagine this👇👇👇

You: Omo, I dey go fight that my yeye tailor o. Sinc last month, hin no gree sew my cloth. Oya return the cloth nah, hin no gree.
Response: That is rubbish. All this nonsense must stop. Go get your PVC.

You: This rice is not sweet o.
Response: See what I’m talking about? Go get your PVC. We need to change the change.

You: My boyfriend broke up with me a couple of days to my birthday, just because I asked for an assurance Porsche as a gift.
Response: Imagine the nonsense. This has to stop in 2019. Go get your PVC.

It’s annoying abeg!


Image Credit: Pin interest finds


Yours Truly,