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Go go go, Go Sholly, its your birthday 🎶🎶
*See me ShakuShakuing on a yobo level😎😎* Give dem, Give em’

Oh, you thought I will not get my Shaku Shaku groove on? Issa lie.
I can now Shaku Shaku….😛😛😛

Thank God I don’t look like what I’ve gone through. If not, I’d be looking like a Camry or Honda that has been crushed to pieces by a trailer truck. Afi bi igba ti caterpillar ba gun ori eyan koja. No kidding.

The past year has not been an easy one. Adulting is hard. I won’t even lie.

But as I thought about it, I came to realize that there is something to be said for the wiser outlook that is a compensation for growing older. You have your regrets and disappointments, even a haunting kind of depression, knowing that one day, this life that you hold so dearly can be snatched from you. But mostly, you give thanks for what you’ve had in the past and what you hope for in future, for health and serenity for yourself and the ones you love. When you stop to think about it, you’ll find that life is certainly more kind than cruel.

And so, even though I didn’t score everything on my to-do list for the cycled year, I am thankful for breath in my nostrils to try again.

**Raise your glasses people. Let’s make a toast**

Cheers to a new age and a new season🍷🍷
Cheers to Grace, Growth and all that’s in between.

Lessons Taught By A Brutal Teacher

I once read somewhere that Life is a brutal teacher.

Life would teach you so many lessons. It would teach you over and over again, until you finally get it. And if you don’t learn, it won’t stop teaching you. You gon’ learn.

Let me share a few of the lessons I’ve learnt in the cycled year with you.👇👇

First, I must say that Life has a way of teaching me things. Sometimes, the lessons are unexpected and throws me off balance a bit for a while. Other times, the lessons I want….You know the “blessing in disguise” kind of lessons. But, I learn. Boy, do I learn!!


Every hustler has a payday.

If there is anything life has taught me in the past year about closed doors, it is that a thousand doors may shut in your face, but when you least expect it, one will swing wide open and bring more than you’ve ever hoped for. Only if you hustle, preserve, fight through the obstacles and have an unshakeable belief in God, yourself and the unique talents you’ve been blessed with.

Not all broken pieces ought to be pieced back together.

Sometimes, you gotta leave what is broken to stay broken. Do not attempt to pick up pieces. In attempting to pick up the pieces, you will cut yourself and that will hurt you more because you should have left the broken pieces in the bin where it rightly belongs.

Ajumobi o kan ta anu. Eni Olorun pa ran si ni lon se ni loore.

I used to hear this Yoruba adage a lot, but I didn’t realize how true it was until very recently.

Sometimes, when you need help, it comes from places unexpected and people you barely know. That your friend is in a position to help you doesn’t mean that they will.

People will root for you to succeed. Just as long as you don’t do better than them. I’d rather not go into details. But, I’m sure you get my meaning.

On Second Chances…..

I have always strongly believed in second chances. But, I’ve realized how the same mistake can disguise itself as a new beginning, so I’m learning to let go and start over again as many times as it takes.

Lemme just stop there. What was supposed to be a short light-hearted birthday post is slowly becoming one long-ass post.

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Yours Truly,


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  1. Bimbo says:

    Happy birthday hun
    May this new age bring all your dreams to u on a platter of gold.
    May all your effort towards success yield result

  2. Yvonne says:

    Happy birthday Ijebu girl,God bless you and yours. Have a fulfilling year ahead. Cheers!

    1. Shola says:

      Thanks Yvonne

  3. Bisoye says:

    Happy birthday my sweetie porero,my eminado.
    I wish you nothing but joy today and forever.

    1. Shola says:

      Thanks galfie😍😍😘

  4. Dume says:

    Happy Birthday Shurlar Ige

    Wishing you Heavens Best. Keep hustling hard, it will definitely pay off.

    1. Shola says:

      Amen o. I can’t wait for it to start paying off.
      Thanks Dume😍😍😘😘

    2. Shola says:

      Thanks Lillian

  5. Ore says:

    Cuz of life…Happy birthday.. More wisdom, grace and
    Grow in grace

    1. Shola says:

      Amen o. That assurance is really needed. Thanks Cuz

  6. Lillian says:

    Happy birthday pretty one.

    Shine, grow and prosper!

    1. Shola says:

      Thanks dearie😍

  7. CODAC says:

    Happy Birthday to you. You’re awesome, talented and blessed and God will surely favour you.

    Yes, we all learn Lessons. Sad part is… We always desired to learn, but never ready for life’s lessons…but you are stronger today and better and the best you shall become. Have a wonderful bday and many more years.

    1. Shola says:

      Gracias muchas

  8. KCee says:

    Happy birthday my Spicy star ☺
    I wish you growth on all sides😙😙😙

    1. Shola says:

      Thanks Kcee.
      God bless you

  9. Ehis says:

    More life Babes

    1. Shola says:

      Amen. Thanks Ehis

  10. Anonymous says:

    Dayum girl You be popping.

    Happy birthday in arrears. May all the forces of the univers favour you

    1. Shola says:

      Amen. Thanks for reading✊✊

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