I think I am so many chics in one.

I am a combination of a ‘Rockstar chic’, ‘Weird Chic’, ‘Thick Chic’, ‘Bold chic’ and ‘Tomboy chic’.

This is where you roll your eyes 👀👀 and say “Haba! Only you?”🙊🙊

Lemme explain.👇👇

Rockstar Chic: I’m the life of the party.

Weird Chic: Y’all know I’m pretty Af! Plus I’m a non-conformist and I can be quite awkward at times.

Tomboy Chic: I’ve got a lot of male influences in my life. I currently have more male than female friends.

Bold Chic: I really don’t care whose ox is gored. More often than not, I tell it like it is .

Thick Chic: Ha ha! Saving the best for the last. I’m curvy as hell. Like, I’ve got fat in all the neccessary places (and some unneccessary places too. But, let’s ignore that. Shall we?) + I love to eat (Food is the way to my heart. Want to be my friend? Just give me food). And I am gorgeous to boot.

So over to you guys.

What type of chic are you? What category do you fall in? Guys, what type of chics do you like? 

Photo Credit📸: Peng.ent.

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Yours Truly,