I think I am so many chics in one.

I am a combination of a ‘Rockstar chic’, ‘Weird Chic’, ‘Thick Chic’, ‘Bold chic’ and ‘Tomboy chic’.

This is where you roll your eyes 👀👀 and say “Haba! Only you?”🙊🙊

Lemme explain.👇👇

Rockstar Chic: I’m the life of the party.

Weird Chic: Y’all know I’m pretty Af! Plus I’m a non-conformist and I can be quite awkward at times.

Tomboy Chic: I’ve got a lot of male influences in my life. I currently have more male than female friends.

Bold Chic: I really don’t care whose ox is gored. More often than not, I tell it like it is .

Thick Chic: Ha ha! Saving the best for the last. I’m curvy as hell. Like, I’ve got fat in all the neccessary places (and some unneccessary places too. But, let’s ignore that. Shall we?) + I love to eat (Food is the way to my heart. Want to be my friend? Just give me food). And I am gorgeous to boot.

So over to you guys.

What type of chic are you? What category do you fall in? Guys, what type of chics do you like? 

Photo Credit📸: Peng.ent.

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5 thoughts on “WHAT TYPE OF CHIC ARE YOU?

  1. “And some unneccessary places too. But, let’s ignore that. Shall we?”

    No o…. let’s not. Let’s talk about the fat in all the unneccessary places😛😛😜.

    I’m a fan of all type of chics except the “Tomboy chic”. Abeg. I’m the guy allowed in my babes life o ha!

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