I honestly don’t know who brought up the concept of asking girls who their daddies are during national conventions.

Whoever brought out this trend was probably a host on ‘Who wants to be a millionaire? ‘ and decided to extend his question asking skills to the holy room.

Unforshunately, our Nigerian guys have taken up this trend and they obviously think that it’s the way to go. What they don’t know is that no be everybody wey chop Christmas rice dey chop chicken.

Imagine this. You finally get to minister the word to Amaka, the fine geh you’ve been eyeing for years.

In the midst of your ministrations, you pause to ask a stupid question.

” Ammy baby, who’s ya daddy?”

She turns.

“Ehn? What did you say? ”

Because you’re an unfortunate person, you repeat the question. You even slap her behind small to buttress your point.

“I say….. Who’s ya daddy? ”

“Why do you want to know? Do you want to meet him? ”

You’re flustered. You don’t know what she means. Isn’t this the part where she says

“It’s you, Ejike. Oh, it’s you!”?

Beht no. You try to make up for the hitch in the ministrations.

“Noo. I don’t want to meet him. Das just what all these oyibo pipo say during…. ”

“So you don’t want to see my father? So you see our relationship as a short-term suntin? ”

“Err…. ”

By this time, your soldier has dropped his gun and bowed down in submission to the king of kings.

“Ejike, wear your boxers. We need to talk”.

Village people: 10000
You: 0.

Next time, desist from asking useless questions. You’re not useless.



Written by: Rebecca Chukwuanu

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