The only time you’ll know exactly what people really think about you is when you have a quarrel or a misunderstanding.

It’s then you’ll know how much a person really likes or hates you. Just you watch out and take note of their utterances.

You’d be shocked to the bones.

Afterwards, they might claim that most of the things they said was said “in the heat of the moment”. That it was said in anger. Anger gbawakwaa gi there!

My dear, it wasn’t anger o. They’ve just told you what they have always thought about it you. Take cognizance of it and move on.


A friend of mine and I had a falling out sometime in January this year, and the level she took it to? I never hexxpeeredit!

One minute we are arguing and the next minute she was going all bitter and personal on me.

Ladies, Gentlemen and Transgenders, I heard the history of my life. How my father met my mother in the choir of their family church, the exact words he used in toasting her, how they gave birth to me, and the story of my various failed relationships. No jokes. What didn’t I hear that night?

Normally, I would have shouted her down and given it back to her, word for word, sentence for sentence, full stop for full stop. But, I was too shocked to utter a word.

In my mind, I was asking:
“Where is this coming from?”
“Ki la gbe, ki le ju?”
“Sho le to yen ni?”
“Is it that serious?”

Hmmm! She kept spewing trash about stuff that happened years ago, compared an ex who I had broken up with almost a year ago with her current boyfriend, asking me if Mr.Jay had ever done one-third of what her boyfriend does for her.

Really? Were we competing about whose boyfriend was more financially buoyant or expressive?

The one that weakened me and literally burst my faromeh was when she made reference to an  incident that occurred over a year ago, when I was still on a Keto diet. We had a quarrel that involved her frying fish for me back then. You can imagine how my mouth hung open when she said and I quote “And you opened your mouth and ate the fish. I was just looking at you that day. I wish the fish had choked you to death.”

“Eh! Death keh? Sho le to yen ni?”

You see how full that child in the picture above looked? That’s how full I was of all the bile she had just sprouted.

I didn’t even say a word. I just closed my eyes and slept. No words necessary.

Ejoor Edakun, Iru eyan be yen, tin pa cut e off, so buru ju? If I decide to cut her off completely, am I taking it too far?

In other news, “Diaries of a booless bae” will be back next Sunday with a bang. Just you watch this space. Meanwhile, if you haven’t read the previous posts, you can read here and play catch up.👇👇