20 random facts about me

Salut mes amies. Longtime no blog post. I know I promised consistency, but Malaria and its elder brother visited me recently and refused to leave for a quite while. Good news is, I’m fine now and yea, I’m back to blogging.

Going through the blog and reading my previous blog posts, it occurred to me that y’all get to read loads of my personal gist, but y’all don’t really know the basics about me. So I decided to rectify that by telling you 20 random facts about me.

I personally enjoy reading posts such as these, so I hope you enjoy reading my compilation too.


1. My full name is Ige Solape Olayimika. But please call me Ykayy, like all my friends and frenemies do.

2. I am not an Ibo girl. I repeat, I am not an Ibo girl. Mi o kin se omo ibo.

A lot of people mistake me for an Ibo girl. Their excuse is that I don’t look Ibo at all. Biko, how do Yoruba’s look? Some even go as far as telling me to check my roots, that there just has to be some Ibo blood in me.🙉🙉

Will you keep kwayet?

I am a full-blooded Yoruba girl. Authentic Ijebu girl to the core. Tenkior!

3. I am very damn good in bed.And I’m not just saying it for saying sake.

My favourite part of the house is the bed. I can literally sleep for days if I don’t have anything else to do.

Wait, what did you think  when I said I’m very damn good in bed?😜😜

4. Good food is the way to my heart.

I love food. Good food. Delicious food. Finger licking delicacies. Especially free good food.
Chisos! I love food.
Just buy me food and we are good.

5. As much as I love food, I hate seeing onions and vegetables in my food. When I say vegetables, I don’t mean vegetable soups. I mean veggies like: carrot, green peas, green pepper, cabbage etc.

It’s probably the reason why I have a hate-love relationship with fried rice. I love fried rice but I absolutely hate all the veggies that goes into the making of it.

6. I am a die-hard fan of Olamide Adedeji. I literally stalk him on all his social media pages, even though I’ve never commented on any of his posts before.

Ever since Olamide started rapping/singing, I’ve always had a separate playlist for his songs on my phone.

7. I’m an avid reader. And a bibliophile to boot.

I don’t do inspirational or motivational books though. Those aren’t my thing. I do more of historical romances.

My favourite authors are: Bertrice Small, Judith McNaught, Louise Bagshawe, Jackie Collins, David Baldacci, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and Sidney Sheldon.

Not really been paying much attention to books by Nigerian authors, but I challenged myself to read at least 50 books by Nigerian authors this year. I’ll be reviewing some of them on the blog from time to time.
If you know any good reads by Nigerian authors, please drop their titles in the comment section.🙏🙏

8. I’m a Chelsea fan. Just don’t ask me to mention four players in the team o. If you do, get ready to answer the question by yourself for yourself.

Note: I said I’m a Chelsea fan. I dinnor say I’m a football fan o.

9. I can’t dance to save my life. Ordinary ShakuShaku that is trending these days, I cannot do. Don’t even ask me to twerk o. Twerking keh?

Why do bad things happen to good people?😭😭

I can shake my body while sitting down though. Girl got moves! That should count for something abi?

10. I cannot swim and I don’t want to learn. No thanks.

Ees nor me that you people will force to drink gallons of water all in the name of trying to learn how to swim. Thanks but no thanks. Teach the next girl.

11.I am so freaked out by a certain animal, I’d rather spell it out than mention it.👇👇


Maybe because I was bitten by my Vice-Principal’s dog when I was in JSS3 sha.

12. I battle with mental illness. Depression and anxiety to be precise.

Yes, I’m getting help.

13. I’m mostly unpredictable. I don’t react to issues when people expect me to react, and I sometimes overreact when there is no real reason to.

14. I’m something of a loner. I function very well on my own. Not like I don’t have friends and acquaintances I roll with and all, it’s just that most times, I prefer the pleasure of my own company.

I enjoy the comfort of my company much more than you can ever imagine. I am not very keen on hanging out with or visiting people. If I repeatedly hang out with you or visit you, then I must find your company very enjoyable.

15. I am tone-deaf. So I don’t do Karaoke. The only time you’ll catch me singing is when I’m in the shower, or performing before my audience – The mirror.

16. If I were to come back to this life, I would either come back as a man or I would refuse to come out at all.

Honestly, If you are a man, you should thank your stars. You have absolutely no idea what it feels like to be a woman in this part of the world. Every person that has a third leg dangling between his thighs thinks you are beneath him. Society gives you daily reminders about your status as a “weaker vessel”, and God forbid, that you dare to be different.

17. I’m something of a trouble-shooter.

Feel free to call me the Onijogbon of Ijogbon land. When I’m not writing, reading a novel or sleeping, I’m outchea looking for trouble.

My besties don’t find it funny at all.

18. My favourite fantasy is finding a “ghana-must-go” bag full of money.

19.  If I wasn’t priviledged to go to school, I’d be a local mama putt seller. When I was much younger, I used to play act Iya sidi, the local Ewa-Agonyin/ Rice seller in my hood.

I still might do that though. Own a  sort of ‘bukateria’  where you can get some ibile food with correct local flavour. Afterall, local lo jawo bayii. Street ti take over!

20. I can’t think of one more random fact about me to make this list 20, so I’ll just save this space. When I remember, I’ll let y’all know.

Thanks for reading guys. I hope these random facts about me gives you a bit of an insight about the sort of person I am. Please remember to show your girl some love by dropping your comments and sharing this post.