Proposition for sex

Hey guys, It’s been a while since we actually debated a topic. I know, I know. It’ s all my fault, right? Well, I’m about to rectify that. Today, let’s talk about proposition for sex.

Whilst I was away from the blog recuperating from my recent bout typhoid and malaria, a couple of friends and I had a steaming debate.

Topic of debate:
Proposition for sex.

The debate was sparked by a friend of mine, BZY who was complaining bitterly about a guy she met a couple of weeks back.

Tj as he is called, looks exactly like a younger version of Idris Elba. You know; tall, handsome, beautiful smile, with muscles in all the right places.

After weeks of bonding over the phone, getting to know each other a bit better, she was quite taken with him. BZY simply couldn’t drooling over him and talking about him, even when the conversation didn’t even remotely concern him.

For instance:👇👇

Me: I feel like Chinese rice and Chicken breast from Food Central this night.
Her: Oh, I definitely have to get Tj to try out their Chinese rice. I’m sure he’ll like it.


Me: Let’s check out this Clinique store. I think I want to change my foundation.
Her: I don’t even bother with make up these days again. Tj says I look beautiful without it.


Me: I couldn’t sleep last night. I was purging all night.
Her: Tj says…………. ……
Me: Arrrrggghhh!🙈🙈

Anyways, things came to a head when Tj propositioned her for sex on their second official date. BZY took offence, gave him a dirty slap and proceeded to give him the tongue lashing of his life.

“Slap? Tongue lash keh? What can fa? Maka why?”.

I didn’t understand why she slapped or insulted him, seeing as she was always regaling me with tales of all the things she’d like to do with him in bed.

“Wait, I’m not understanding. You want to shag the guy too, so what’s the problem” I asked.

“Excuse you!” She said. “Even if I have been dreaming and fantasizing about having sex with him, how dare he proposition me for sex just like that? That’s an insult. It shows that he sees me as a cheap, immoral, slut who will jump into bed with any man who asks.”

And so, the debate again. With one side saying they didn’t see anything offensive about being propositioned for sex, and others saying it is very insultive and only shows that the guy has a low opinion of them.

Let me even be sure you get what I mean by “proposition for sex”.

If someone is propositioning you for sex, it simply means they are offering you sex. It is a more positive or euphemistic way of saying someone wants to bang you.

Personally, if a guy or a friend I roll with propositions me for sex, I wouldn’t take offense. I won’t see it like he has a low opinion of me, or has tagged me as immoral, loose or even cheap. Instead, I’ll appreciate his honesty and sincerity.

Whether or not I’ll accept his proposition is dependent on quite a number of factors and a decision to be made at my discretion, but I definitely won’t slap or flare up and insult him.

I once said to a friend that I think that prostitution is the most sincere profession ever.
“Ha ha ha!” He laughed. “Playing at your non-conformism aiyee?” He asked.
“Nope” I said.

Prostitutes don’t sugarcoat it. They clear your doubts from the beginning. “Guy, the only reason why I’m sleeping with you is because of money. You go fit pay me?”. Simple.

My motto when it comes to relationships is pretty simple. Be sincere. You’ll find your type. Shoe get size. Find yours.

If what you want is sex and the other person wants commitment from you, tell him/her straight up. It saves time and prevents unnecessary drama and heart break.

So I’m throwing this discussion open to you all. What’s your take on this one? Is propisitioning a girl for sex wrong? How do you feel when you are being sexually propositioned? Do you see it as an insult?
Guys, do you have a low opinion of girls you proposition for sex, or are you just being truthful? Do share your thoughts with me.