Who is a feminist?
What does feminism mean?

Ees nor me that is asking o. It’s Madam Eunice Atuejide, our female Presidential aspirant and the founder of the NIP party that is asking. I just say I shuu epp her to ask you guys ni.

I’m not a feminist
Na by force?
And who is a feminist?
A friend who won’t cook for her husband &kids cos of equality?
The one who always insults men because she can? Ladies who won’t let men hold doors for them cos it diminishes their value?
What does Feminism mean?

And then in another post, she complains about gender equality:

“See ehn, I am not a feminist and I will never become one, but I tell you, this gender equality problem is serious faa.
……… ….. …..
So while us female Presidential aspirants were at a summit organized by three independent pro gender equality bodies -WIPF, WFM 91.7, and NWTF – looking for ways to reduce the segregation and exclusion of women in our political experience in Nigeria- our new breed men vying for the same Presidency were holding meetings and agreeing to work together towards the Presidency to the exclusion of all female Presidential candidates.

I doubt a feminist would have been excluded from that coalition gathering. Hanty Eunice was trying to rally the men and garner their support by denouncing feminism. We all know that lots of Nigerian men hate to hear the word feminism. But, guess what? Awon boys had a meeting and excluded her.

Instead of going for their necks, it’s feminists she’s coming for. What concern us? 🙄🙄

Oh! I forgot, feminists are responsible for all Nigeria’s problems.


Bring your manifesto, rara o.
Tell us what you will bring to the table if we vote you in as President, Isi mba.

Of all topics to tackle, she choose a particular group of people and proceeded to feed the negative stereotype about them.

Agreed, not every woman must align with or accept the feminist tag. But a leader should not antagonize any group of people whom he/she intends to lead. It’s that simple. For someone running for the office of the Presidency, she ought to measure her words before saying them. A certain amount of diplomacy and tact is neccessary.

The backlash following her tweets is not about her being a feminist or not. Angela Merkel the German does not identify as a feminist. Neither does Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic, the first female President of Croatia. Below is a snippet
of what she has to say about feminism

I am not a feminist. I am a person who just wants to see equality, equal treatment for everyone. So yes, I will push for the agenda of promoting women in business, and in political or social life, in public life, but it does not mean that I want women to be advantaged in any way, I just want equal opportunities for everyone.

Can you spot the difference between the response of both women to the topic of whether they are feminists or not?
Kolinda Grabar simply stated that she wasn’t a feminist and talked about what she stands for, while Eunice Atuejide denounced feminism, and then went on to portray feminism in a bad light.

There’s a clear cut difference between saying; “I am not a Muslim”
“I am not a muslim. Na by force? Muslims who fight jihads, throwing bombs and killing people for Allah? God forbid.”

The difference between the two sentences is this.
Sentence 1: is purely a statement of fact. It is not enough to rile any right thinking individual to outbursts of anger. While,
Sentence 2: is Incenditiry and is enough to rile up any muslim who isn’t any of those things listed up there.

Can someone please explain what Presidential aspirant Eunice Atuejide is going on and on about, because I am not understanding. In one breath, she is saying she is not a feminist and will never be one, and then in another, she is complaining about gender inequality and how female aspirants were excluded from a meeting.

Oh! What manner of confusion is this?

You started by denouncing feminism, yet you are angry at gender inequality. How does this add up?

A feminist

Interprete as:
I hate feminism
Now, I hate gender discrimination
I am confused
OMG! I am with a gun shooting my foot

Talk about foot in the mouth.
And then she goes ahead to release more tweets that sounds even dumber than the last one.

Feminism is about equality of men and women, not sameness. It is critical to understand that sameness does mean equal. The issue here is about equal rights and equal access to opportunities. I think it basically says that you are not superior, just because you have a penis. Simple.

We are not saying we want to grow balls and become the Man. No. We are simply saying do not treat me less than I am worth because I am a woman. If I and Edmond do the same amount of work, we deserve equal pay. Don’t pay me less than him because I have a vagina. If the opportunity for promotion comes up, let the best candidate be promoted. Irrespective of their gender.
It’s about fighting for and upholding the rights and fair treatment of girls and women all over the world.
The feminist movement is not about bashing and hating on men. That’s misandry. Don’t get it twisted.
We are not fighting for dominion over the other sex, neither are we suggesting that you accept/tolerate any bullshit just because it was perpetuated by a woman.

Unfortunately, this stunt of hers is tantamount to the proverbial shooting of one’s self at the foot. Hanty Eunice had absolutely nothing to gain by trying to alienate the feminists. She doesn’t really have much going for her to endear her to the patriarchs. It’s bad enough she’s a ”
“female lawyer”, “those ones who don’t know how to submit to a man, always quoting their rights”, and to make matters worse, a woman who has been married twice and who decides to keep her father’s last name after two of her marriages has crashed. Is that the model they want their domesticated, submissive wives to follow? Mba nu.

Madam Presidential aspirant, Bring manifesto, Isi mba.
Okay, talk about those issues you will tackle when you are voted in as President, No.
Pray, tell me, Why should I carry my PVC, put on my jeans and top, and join the queue to vote for you in 2019? What are you bringing to the table?

Hanty Eunice,
Better luck in 2023.
As for next year’s Presidential elections, you are a No No for me.
Girl, Bye.
**Flips hair**

P.S You people shuu nor forget her question o. She’s asking you guys; Who is a feminist? What does Feminism even mean? Biko, y’all should answer her o.