So, a little birdie whispered in my ears that your WCW, our favourite Presidential candidate, Madam mother of five, Mrs.”I am not a feminist and can never be a feminist”, Mrs. Eunice Atuejide has been suspended by her party, based on allegations bordering on forgery, misappropriation of funds without requisite approval, falsification of documents, criminal breach of trust, conversion and criminal conspiracy, anti party activities and usurpation of power.


Jesu oko ijo o!

This is one of those instances when the saying “every disappointment is a blessing in disguise” is spot on.

It’s a good thing that Madam “Presidential candidate” vehemently refused the feminist tag. She would have given us feminists a bad name with all these thievery and criminal allegations.

Forgery, misappropriation of party funds without requisite approval, falsification of documents,etc are all weighty allegations indeed and these allegations couldn’t have been made without any concrete evidence.

I am just so glad feminists are not getting tagged with this as well. We all know that many Nigerians are always looking for a way to demonize feminism and antagonize feminists. If she hadn’t denied being a feminist, it would have been a Nigerian cyber space feminist bashing fest this past weekend. You would have been reading memes and long posts about how feminists are the root of all evil, and how feminism teaches women to embezzle funds, falsify documents and all that.

Unfortunately, this stunt of hers if proven true, will fuel the myth about women in politics and leadership positions, and of course, it will drag the advocacy for gender equality that feminists are clamouring for backwards.

Its sad, really.


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