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So I came back online last night to see that Omoyele Sowore(my darling Sowore) has been trending for the past 48 hours.

I say my darling Sowore because of all the new breed Presidential aspirants abi na candidates that the #NotTooYoungToRun bill has ushered in, there are just two of them whom I will gladly come out to vote for if they eventually make it to the polls come 2019, and maybe even campaign for.

These two are: Kingsley Moghalu and Omoyele Sowore.

Kingsley Moghalu because he has a clear and strategic plan to bring our economy out of the economic shambles it currently is in. Same goes for Sowore.

A Facebook friend has been trying to convince me that Tope Fasua of the ANRP has the most pragmatic answers to our economic problems, because he talks facts and figures, and he seems like the only one who has a comprehensive document on how to bring this economy back to life.

I’ve not really followed Tope Fasua and his campaign, so I can’t really talk about him authoritatively. But, Sowore I know. (Sowore is our man o!! Lol) At least, I’ve followed his campaign for a while now.

First off, I love the fact that Sowere is aradical. Being something of a rebel myself, I can totally relate with him and most of his radical views.

More importantly, Sowore won my heart all over again when he said that Nigeria will go into the commercial production and exportation of Marijuana (Igbo) if he becomes President.

This is what I’m talking about. What our economy needs is radical, creative, unconventional and uncommon policies.

Just visualize it. We go into the commercial production of weed. We industrialize it. We create regulatory bodies that will set up rules and regulations. You know, mandatory standards of production. We turn it into an industry. Jobs will be created, and there will be an export commodity. Money will flow in the system. As simple as X, Y, Z.

Sadly, this time around, Sowore is trending for the wrong reasons.

I was tagged online in a video by a friend who knows I’m such a huge supporter of Sowore.

In the video, when Sowore is handed the microphone, he starts by saying that he understands the importance and place of the Ooni, and that’s why he has been trying to schedule this visit for 3 months.
And then he goes on to say that, he deliberately didn’t prostrate when the Ooni came in, and this he did in protest because the Ooni kept him waiting for three hours.

Having said that, Sowore calls on the people who came with him, saying: “Now, let us greet the Ooni in our own way.”
And they all prostrated.
But, the damage had already been done.

Some overzealous Palace guards sprayed tear gas in the room and as one would expect, the gathering scattered.

One really can’t blame the Palace guards though. The Ooni is like a god to some, and you don’t go into a shrine and disrespect a people’s god, without expecting some consequences.

Excuses might have been made for this behaviour, if he were from another tribe,and as such wasn’t conversant with the Yoruba culture and tradition, but as a son of the soil, who knows the Ooni of Ife is the arole Oodua and deserves utmost respect as the representative of the gods, Omoyele Sowore goofed.
Big time.

Now while I can understand his anger at being kept waiting for 3 hours, as someone who has operated in the abroad where they are very time conscious for years, this act of his leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. Itwas very tactless and childish.

This is bad publicity for Sowore in Yorubaland. He needs the Ooni’s endorsement and not vice versa, which is why he was patient enough to wait for the 3months it took him to schedule that appointment, like he claimed.

Truth be told, we all know that the odds and chances of Sowore winning the 2019 Presidential elections are very slim. So why lose the possible support of the King, his Chiefs, and loyal subjects, in an election where every single support=vote counts, just to make a point against lateness?

I understand that he wants to change the status quo. I understand that he wants to take it back. But, you cannot take it back by gra gra.

A commenter on facebook said Sowore brought his SUG activism into politics. I just loled.

Sowore ought to realize that he is no longer an activist, as he has thrown his hat in the ring for the Presidential elections. He must respect the traditions, norms and culture of the various people he will meet during the course of his campaign. There is still a long road to the elections.

Politics is a completely different ball game from activism. In politics, you stoop to conquer.

The Ooni has officially apologized for the attack on them, and hopefully the overzealous Palace guards will be rebuked and reprimanded, but Sowore also needs to issue an apology to the Oonirisa and the Oodua race whose throne he disrespected as a whole. I hope he does this soon though, because he needs every single vote he can get to take Nigeria back.



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