My name is Solape Ige and Shurlar Unscripted is my brain child. I like to think of myself as a Common Sense Activist. I love writing, reading novels,watching movies,dancing ,eating(I’m an unrepentant foodie) and listening to music. When I’m not doing any of the above mentioned things, I’m looking for trouble. That’s right. I’m the Onijogbon of Ijogbon Land.

I write about stereotypes and trending issues that are of interest to me and my readers. That is to say that I write about all the things that concern me, and all the things that do not even remotely concern me in the least bit. Afterall, I’m a Nigerian and minding my own business is a totally foreign concept to me. (Don’t worry, we’ll all be alright. Gbogbo wa la ma wa alright.Lol). And I sometimes share my personal growth and lifetime experiences.


Please make yourself comfortable, you are in absolutely good hands.

If I have not satisfied your curiosity, feel free to reach me at: